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Design by Sahithi Lingampalli & Inchara J

By Geethika Tarra & Thejo Tattala, Edited By Dominique Samantha, Taruni Manam, & Ashmita Annamalai, Layout By Inchara J, & Blogged By Taruni Manam

The measurements in this recipe are suggestions. You can do more or less based on your preference. Try not to stray too far from the quantities in order to prevent your iced coffee from tasting different!

Many people need an instant energy boost during the day to keep them active. Iced coffees are great drinks that are both refreshing and have an instant effect on the sharpness of your mind. …

Art by Thejo Tattala, Design by Sahithi Lingampalli & Arushi Patil

Written by Juee Deshmukh & Archini Desai, edited by Taruni Manam, Harini Akurathi, Laya Vijay, & Jason Liu, layout by Arushi Patil, art by Thejo Tattala and blogged by Asic

Ever since 1970, April 22 has marked the day to embrace and give back to our planet. Each year, individuals participate in events like composting, donating to numerous conservations, or spreading awareness through social media. However, how did Earth Day begin?

Before the first Earth Day, American Citizens were unaware of the harm automobiles and industries presented to the environment and health. But in 1962, Rachel Carson’s bestseller, Silent Spring…

Art by Thejo Tattala, Design by Sahithi Lingampalli & Karen He

Written by Analiese Maciel, Juee Deshmukh & Asic, edited by Aarav Navani, Harini Akurathi, & Nivi Chozhan, layout by Karen He, and Thejo Tattala, and blogged by Asic.

Emojis serve as a fun, silly way for people worldwide to communicate how they’re feeling. Almost, if not all brands of cell phones have a vast selection of emojis that their buyers can use, and they range from simple smiley faces to tongues sticking out. They can even be used to show what food is on your mind. Cool, right? …

Art by Evelyn Chen, Design by Sahithi Lingampalli & Tristan Castro

by Anvitha Mattapalli, Edited by Harvi Karatha, Inchara J, & Jeet Parikh, Layout by Tristan Castro, Art by Evelyn Chen, & Blogged by Sahithi Lingampalli

Caffeine is found in the seeds and leaves of many plants and is added to coffee and chocolate. About 73% of all children intake caffeine daily. Kids tend to stock up on caffeine before a sports match or pulling an all-nighter, for caffeine temporarily increases energy and heart rate levels as well as mood. However, excessive intake of caffeine can negatively impact adolescents with the consequences varying based on gender, age, weight, etc.

During childhood…

Art by Thejo Tattala, Design by Sahithi Lingampalli & Inchara J

By Inchara J, Edited by Kavya Gurunath, Laya Vijay, & Jeet Parikh, Layout by Inchara J, Art by Thejo Thattala, & Blogged by Kavya Gurunath

The Moon rotates around the Earth as the Earth’s natural satellite. The Earth orbits the Sun, creating seasons as human life knows it. Orbital mechanics is the application of math to help spacecraft launch and is based on orbits. The history of orbital mechanics and whether it should be studied or not is controversial, however, orbital mechanics help to calculate trajectories and understand the motion of planets.

The history of orbital mechanics is bleak and…

Art by Sharon Pan, Design by Sahithi Lingampalli

By: Juee Deshmukh, Edited by Shoffana Sundaramoorthy & Kavya Gurunath, Layout by Sahithi Lingampalli, Art by Sharon Pan, Blogged by Shrawani Pradhan

From the end of 2019 to the present day, the world has drastically changed. Today, people might be used to taking virtual tours or Zoom classes. Though, this habitual lifestyle is about to transition back to before, all because of a vaccine.

What is a Vaccine?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a vaccine stimulates the immune system “to produce antibodies, exactly like it would if you were exposed to the disease” (CDC). Unlike the actual disease, a…

Art by Sharon Pan, Design by Sahithi Lingampalli & Harini Akurathi

Written by Mridula Divakar, edited by Arushi Patil, Harvi Karatha, & Neve Walker. Layout by Harini Akurathi and blogged by Asic

France has been constantly attacked for preaching secularism and freedom of expression while simultaneously marginalizing the Muslim community. A catalyst for this uptake of restrictive policies was the 9/11 attack. It led to the banning of veils and niqabs in France, blatantly displaying a sense of deep-rooted communalism that has been prevalent for at least a decade: an attitude that is not going to disappear anytime soon.

In fact, the news has been flooded with the announcement of the…

Art by Sahithi Lingampalli, Designed by Sahithi Lingampalli & Leesha Pillai

By Kavya Gurunath, Edited by Aarav Navani, Inchara J & Ashmita Annamalai, Layout By Leesha Pilla, Art By Sahithi Lingampalli, & Blogged By Taruni Manam

April is Autism Awareness month. A month where people champion the acceptance and support of people with autism. This article is intended to spread understanding on Autism Spectrum Disorder.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder. Individuals affected by ASD have difficulties with social interaction, speaking, non-verbal communication and tend to exhibit repetitive behaviors. However, the symptoms of ASD vary by person. According to the CDC, one in every 59 people have autism.

What is Autism Caused by?


Art by Sahithi Lingampalli, Design by Sahithi Lingampalli & Tristan Castro

by Grace Yoon, Edited by Dominique Samantha & Jason Liu, Layout by Tristan Castro, Art by Sahithi Lingampalli, & Blogged by Sahithi Lingampalli

Many people are unaware of this magical liquid that can make fossil fuels a thing of the past; this fuel source is called solar thermal fuel. Solar thermal fuel is composed of nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon, that absorbs sunlight and stores the solar radiation for months or even years, which is ultimately released back as heat and energy. The sunlight required for the magic liquid, notably,only takes 5% of the available light to work. …

Artwork by Cal Shin-Koh, Design by Sahithi Lingampalli

By Nivi Chozhan, Edited by Harini Akurathi & Jeet Parikh, Art by Cal Shin-Koh, Layout by Sahithi Lingampalli, & Blogged by Kavya Gurunath

By 2024, NASA’s team plans to send the first American women and American men to the moon’s surface. Equipped with the many enhanced features of the Artemis space suit, astronauts will be able to move freely with great mobility to work and collect samples from the moon’s surface. Engineers are hopeful that this design will uphold lunar weather, eventually, to be used on Mars.


The infamous moon landing with Neil Armstrong and other astronauts displayed how these…

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